Millions of years in the making, granite began as molten rock from the Earth’s core. Crystallized patterns of color, texture and veining emerged as the primordial magma gradually cooled under tremendous pressure. Exceptionally hard and dense, granite has long been a favorite construction material. For centuries, granite has adorned palaces, cathedrals and monuments. Now, you can create that same elegance in your own home.

Austin Countertops granite is quarried and imported from Brazil, Italy, Spain, and many other locations around the globe, and each slab is hand selected for its quality and beauty. Ideal for kitchen countertops and other surface areas, granite is highly durable, resists chipping and scratching, and is remarkably heat resistant. Once sealed, granite does not easily stain.

Transform your home today with the unparalleled beauty of granite kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities. Simply select your color and choose from a variety of distinctive edge treatments and leave the rest to us. You can trust Austin Countertops to install your granite surfaces with care and attention to every detail.

Granite countertops from Austin Countertops…naturally beautiful.

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